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  Torrent Details For "The Alim 6.0"
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The Alim is a unique and exciting educational software product that makes learning about Islam fun and interesting for the whole family! Experience the wonder of the Quran and Hadith without spending hours poring through thousands of pages in dozens of books.

Quickly go to any book, any subject, any page in seconds and with only a few mouse clicks. Search for any word, phrase, person, hadith narrator, subject, or idea and acquire Islamic knowledge easily. The Alim is an indispensable tool that no Muslim family should be without.

Instructions to download: This program is a nrg file so once downloaded you will need to burn it on cd as an image using Nero and then install it on your computer with the cd.


Use Magic ISO as NRG file extractor

Name:The Alim 6.0
Total Size:534.91 MB
Info Hash:4f6f83a47d13c1a95082d0aee442741b4791b546
Added By:aboud
Date Added:2009-04-10 15:04:55
rating: 4.0 / 5 (4.0 out of 5 with 1 vote(s) total)        (Log in to rate it)

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